Gluteal Augmentation
Gluteal Augmentation with Implants

The gluteals have historically been considered important as part of the female figure and image. Currently with a greater appearance in the media, patients have increased their consultation by topics related to the shape and harmony of the glute area.

The lack of gluteal volume, either due to lack of muscle or lack of fat can be corrected in different ways. In cases of very thin patients, where it is difficult to achieve a good volume of fat during a liposuction, silicone gluteal implants are an excellent option. Implants of different shape and volume exist, which must be determined according to the characteristics of the patient. The placement of gluteal implants is a surgery with risks similar to any surgery, however well performed can produce very satisfactory results. In some cases it may be necessary to supplement the placement of implants with the injection of fat in low volumes, to improve the shape of the glute area.

Gluteal increase with fat injection

In patients with enough fat and who do not want the use of implants, the injection of fat is an option to increase the glutes. Severe complications with an injection of fat into the buttocks are rare, but they do exist. For this reason, the injection need to be assessed very well, weighing the risks versus the use of implants, such as the volumes and injection site. With all these considerations the gluteal augmentation can significantly improve body contouring.

There are different ways to improve the aesthetics of the glute area. I share the results of a patient who underwent liposuction plus a small gluteal lipoinjection. This is what some collectively know as liposculpture.



aesthetic glute

aesthetic glute

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