Chin surgery

Chin surgery or mentoplasty, seeks to restore the harmony of the profile, often altered by dento-facial deformities. The chin itself can undergo different alterations from having a larger size (macrogeny) to being underdeveloped (microgeny). In cases of macrogenia, a chin reduction could be performed looking for a more balanced profile. In cases of microgenesis, a chin advancement or augmentation mentoplasty can be performed with an implant. The alternative to follow depends on the patient’s anatomy and preferences.

Facial Contour Surgery

Especially popular in Asia, facial contour surgery allows harmony to be restored to the face. The reduction of cheekbones, as well as the surgery of the mandibular contour with reduction of the mandibular angle and surgery of the chin are very demanded procedures. Each case must be carefully planned to obtain a unique result, minimizing complications.

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