Facial Implants

Facial implants are especially popular in the case of mentoplasty augmentation, in cases of small chin or microgeny.

The implants of mandibular angle, allow to improve the definition of the angle of the jaw and its ridge, giving greater definition to the face.

The cheek implants allow to improve the projection and shape of the zygoma (bone of the cheekbone). These implants, together with those of the orbital rim, allow to restore volume in patients with moderate to severe volume losses in these areas. There are also paranasal implants that can improve the depression that occurs in some patients in this area and give more projection to the upper lip.

The correct choice and placement of these implants allows obtaining results comparable from the aesthetic point of view to those obtained with more complex surgeries such as orthognathic surgery. Its indication is given in patients who wish to improve facial aesthetics, but who have a normal bite or occlusion.

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