Breast Lift

The fall of the breasts due to the passage of time, pregnancies or sudden fluctuations in body weight, can be corrected with breast lift surgery or mastopexy.

The most important considerations are the adequate elevation of the areola-nipple complex and the desired final breast volume. In cases where volume change is not desired, the same fabric is rearranged to achieve the desired shape.

In cases where more volume is also desired, the use of silicone implants is common, which we call “augmentation mastopexy”.

The effect of mastopexy or breast lift surgery can be appreciated in this video. This is a case of mastopexy plus a small breast reduction. Our patient is happy to share their results, as it meant a major change in her life.

With a combination of surgeries you can improve body contouring after pregnancy.

I share the video of the result in one of our patient patients.


Dr. Alejandro Ramírez

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