Tongue Reconstruction

Severe defects of the tongue, usually produced by oncological resections and less frequently by traumas, require the transfer of tissue with the help of microsurgery. Language reconstruction is a highly complex procedure, with a high rate of complications. Two flaps frequently used in tongue reconstruction are the radial flap, based on the radial artery of the forearm and the anterolateral thigh flap. Depending on the size of the defect and the contexture of the patient, the best option should be chosen, bearing in mind that it is essential to provide a good volume to the reconstructed language so that patients can swallow.

Many times associated with the defect of the tongue, although in some cases in an isolated way, there may be a defect in the floor of the mouth. In these defects, it is essential to avoid fistulas to the neck and allow good motility in cases of remaining tongue.

This reconstruction should ideally be performed by a team specialized in microsurgical reconstruction, with appropriate training and focused before and during surgery only to rebuild.

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