Nasal surgery or rhinoplasty

After the eyes, the second place that we look more frequently in a face is the nose. The ideal nose will depend on the proportions of the face, the ethnic roots and the personal tastes of each patient. In primary cases of Western patients, it is usual to have to perform a reduction rhinoplasty. Many patients seek to reduce the hump on the back of the nose, narrow the nasal dorsum and / or tighten the tip of the nose. In some cases it is only necessary to make millimeter changes to achieve the desired objective, such as lifting the nasal tip slightly. During aesthetic rhinoplasty, defects in the nasal septum and turbinates that are causing some degree of obstruction should also be corrected.

Whatever the case, the surgery must be performed by a plastic surgeon with clear functional and aesthetic concepts, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Rhinoplasty after nasal trauma

A challenging case of rhinoplasty after nasal trauma.
Improving the profile of the nose and its harmony with the face is possible, both in traumatic cases and in patients with impaired nasal development.
Happy patient with his change.

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